Jeans that Speak for Themselves



size example 28×30

distressed jeans at hummer

Distressed  Jeans

size example 28×31


Regular (blue) Jeans  




Regular (black) Jeans

size example 28×31


Why did we make these jeans you are probably wondering? The rest of the world uses this word just like we do amongst themselves. To them it means the same thing as when we are talking to one of our friends. I have been many places and heard many groups saying the word. I know we like to wear it around our necks like it is ours, but it is my opinion we should let the word go. It doesn’t belong to us because we have been tormented by it for all these years. Let those who now use it for their own reasons live with what they think it means. We have a lot of work to do to recover our own destiny.



Coming Soon, Jeans for Women